Friday, August 31, 2012

Yellowed pages torn from novels

Night of Pleasure - Night of Pleasure
Faulkner Tapes #1

Cassettes from Faulkner Tapes come swathed in a page torn from a novel by the Oxford, Miss., Nobel Prize laureate. My copy of Night of Pleasure's self-titled release arrived with a page from As I Lay Dying; it was the part where Darl, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman made a cast for Cash's busted leg. Initially, I thought this was just the sort of gimmicky conceit that many cassette labels employ, but then after reading the page again, understood there was more to it. I focused on the following passage, and recognized that it rather neatly and tidily summarized Columbus, Ohio's Night of Pleasure:

"How do our lives ravel out into the no-wind, no-sound, the weary gestures wearily recapitulant: echoes of old compulsions with no-hand on no-strings; in sunset we fall into furious attitudes, dead gestures of dolls."

Compulsions! Chords that are wearily repeated! Nighttime attitude! Moments where the last note has faded and there are no hands on no strings, and this refractory, undulating, corybantic, guitar-mad punk rock echoes in your brain, so it's like the silence is screaming! We are all dolls, just like all the characters in As I Lay Dying, just like all the members of Night of Pleasure, dead effigies who play guitar and are made of sawdust and yellowed pages torn from novels.

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